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Slave To Mistress On The Thone


Veronica is the REAL DEAL! She loves turning men into shit-swallowing toilets. In this clip,I teach you to be a slave and a servant to my hot piss and shit. I will shove that shit down your throat whether you like it or NOT! If you’ve seen scat clips and think you’re ready to eat shit, this video was made for you.

I drown you in my golden hot piss as it keeps raining down on you, never ending. But that’s the easy part. Drink it ALL..along with the sweet cream coming out of my pussy.

Positioning her asshole inches from your mouth, she demonstrates expert sphincter control as she teases you.. letting turds dangle from her ass hole, knowing how badly you want it… “Don’t you just wish I would release you and let you suckle on my asshole. It’s like teasing a baby with sweet candy”, as her poo hangs from her hole. She humiliates you while encouraging you to jerk you cock to her hot shit..forcing you to eat it ALL! ENOUGH!!! Time to let my shit FLOOD YOU and coat your from head to toe with TONS of SHIT!

I zoom in on the finished product, showing you the undigested chunks of meat as I dig through the still warm poop. I see you missed a few pieces so I pick it up in my gloved hands and shove it into your FACE!


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