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Special Shit Day


I went poop in my porcelain potty, but saved the creamy turds to play later. I kept my shit in a plastic bowl underneath my bathroom sink. Within an hour, I went two more times right much looser than the first. I shit three times, nice and creamy and was making myself very horny by waiting to play. I wanted to smear my shit all over me and feel sexy, so I put a pair of toeless nude pantyhose to feel all silky and get covered with my shit. Once I have my pantyhose on, I feel my tummy rumble and I have another load to fill my silky pantyhose. I was planning on just smearing the loads that I had, so when I was surprised by yet another shit, today was declared a special shit day! I smear my shit on my pantyhose and body getting myself nice and dirty. I pull down my pantyhose to finger my shitty and and pussy. My shit feels so good smeared all over me. I want you to fuck my shitty ass and pussy. I need to taste you cum and my shit together. Fuck your Goddess hard!


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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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