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Struggling to Shit After Prego


My pregnancy is over, but now I am even bigger and swollen that I ever was. My body feels so swollen and skin feels so tight. My ass is so BIG! I am wearing a dress with mesh panties that I brought home wearing them at the hospital when I went into deliver. I pull up my dress and push to shit in my hospital panties, but I am struggling to get them out, I am still constipated after having my baby. I pull down my panties and push more but I can just feel the shit stuck in my big ass. I decide to move to sit on the side of my bathtub to push more wanting the hard shit out of my body, so you may worship. I sit and push and push, finally with a little help from my fingers I push out big thick pieces of shit. I feel so much better after the hard turds came out of my ass. I still have one of my mesh pregnant hospital panties in my panty drawer clean in package and one pair still dirty!! Send me a private message if you have a kinky idea or wish to have me really fill up my next mesh panty with a huge load of shit! #209


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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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