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”Hey! Wakey Wakey! What happened? You just fell asleep in the middle of our dinner, HOW RUDE! Wait, What? You think *I* did this!? Well… I might of slipped *something* special into your drink that made you go nighty night, tee hee. Oh Noo, you’re all tied up! I know… not exactly what you had planned for our first date…right? That’s okay, I promise we can still have fun! We’re going to play a game, it’s my favorite! It’s called, How Long Can You Survive?! Today I thought I’d see how long you can hold your breath, are you ready? This ass is going to take your breath away.

“If you want air, you’re going to have to take it from my ass! Hey, don’t pass out yet! I have something special for you.” I fill my panties with wet poop and smoosh my ass against your face, and you’re struggling but it’s not enough–I take off my soiled panties and smother you with my gigantic crap covered ass and pussy!!

“Take a deep breath! This is going to be your last chance for air, I’m not getting up again. Take it. Take it! TAKE IT! TAKE ALL THAT DIRTY ASS! Hey! I don’t feel you breathing down there! Are you okay?…Don’t make me get up!

“Oohh no! I did it again. Oh well, at least you survived longer than the last one!”


Length:  10:05s 
Resolution: 854x480
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Nothing makes me cum like scat porn… I love this shit!

1 review for SUFFOCATE in my SHIT!

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    5 out of 5



    I discovered my purpose in life: To wallow in Mistress Rachelle’s shit like her personal shit covered pig.

    I love the part where she pulls down her panties and you can see her bubble butt ass crack filled with brown shit taunting and beckoning you. You just want to shove your face in it while your balls are aching with cum. She then proceeds to sit down onto the glass and you can see the shit compress and smear all over the glass above as she talks dirty and laughs at you. She turns you into her shit piggy and have you begging for more. My only complaint is that I can’t have this happen to me in real life and have her sit on my face like that. What a toilet she’s transformed me into.

    I also wish she would wear stilettos more and show more heels while doing this. There is something about a Domme wearing heels that makes me squeal.

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