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If you enjoy watching men eat massive shits right out of women’s assholes then “Swallow my Shit Moments 6” must be part of your shit eating collection. Bringing the best shit eating moments from my top seller videos! Courtesy of:

So I was really gassy and had my slave film my asshole up close while farting when I felt something else is about to happen. I love sharing the intimate and private experience of shitting with you, including my natural facial expressions if it’s a big shit like this one that feels really good to push out. Filmed from two angles so you can see my facial expressions but also my asshole open and expand as the tick and juicy turd slowly slide out of me.

But it gets better! My trusty slave knows how I love it when people actually TASTE my shit so he starts licking my turd right there in my ass while I push it out slowly! I LOVE that feeling of someone’s tongue on my shit, licking my tur is long slow strokes while I push it out.

Once I was done he put it in his mouth and sucked on it while I watched him and masturbated. It’s such a turn on when people suck on my shit! He then tongue fucked my shitty asshole to enhance my orgasm, what an amazing toilet slave!

It happened again friends! My toilet broke AGAIN. I tried holding but it’s the 3rd day now and I’m not holding any longer. Watch me having the biggest bowel movement in my life. For the first time in 14 years Devoted Sub was unable to swallow everything. To make matters worse I ate a lot of Biltong as well. Biltong is any human toilet’s WORST nightmare. It’s a South African delicacy.

Basically it’s raw meat that is slightly air dried and spiced. Very taste but makes your excrement extremely foul smelling and strong tasting. See my turds sliding out of me slowly for almost 2 minutes. Defecating that long while hearing him gulping and swallowing it got me so aroused you can see how I’m getting wet without touching myself. You’ll notice my legs starting shake from the pure pleasure of pushing and intense feeling of relieve as I empty my colon. See him swallow my entire huge bowel movement except for the last bite.

As punishment I don’t wipe my very dirty and smeared anus afterwards. I waited 3 hours and THEN when I felt it’s sticky and itchy I order him it’s time to lick it clean for me. While he struggle to lick my sticky anus clean I show him how little I think of him by defecating into his mouth AGAIN while he is licking my anus. Feeling my soft excrement forcing his tongue out my rectum and filling his mouth again got me very aroused once more.

And here is another treat. I edit my own video clips and while editing this one the arousal simply got too much. See me bring myself to orgasm in front of my laptop while editing this actual video clip. Afterwards I hand my vibrator to my slave to lick clean. This is a very nice treat for him, tasting my vaginal juices from my very satisfying orgasm.

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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo



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