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Tampon & Pen Fun


I have been holding to go to the bathroom and play for one of my ass worshipers. My ass is full and I need to shit now! I tease wearing a tiny mini skirt with no panties. I take out a tampon and insert it in a different place this time…in my full Goddess ass. I tease my ass with the tampon string dangling down, and. pulling the string teasing my own ass waiting to release my shit. I push and my ass opens up, a little turd pushes out of my ass, the pops back in my ass. I push a few times until my shit pops out of my ass. Worship my sexy groundhogging. I have three pens to stick in my ass to see how dirty they will get after going to the bathroom. I fuck my ass with a pen, sharpie, and a highlighter, then stick them all together in my ass. Thinking of one of worshiper sniffing and writing with the pen and markers that I fucked my dirty ass with!


Length:  11:13s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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