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Teacher Is My Toilet


Hello teacher, I see you’ve been waiting for me. Glad you can join me in the bathroom. I see how you are always trying to look up my skirt. I know the boys look but they don’t get to see my tiny little hole. They also don’t get to see what come out of it. But you are special. I kind of like you even though you are a pathetic loser math teacher.
Tell you what. How about I show you the good stuff and you raise my grade. We don’t have to tell anyone. It will be our secret. Sit back and enjoy the show. (giggle) Bet you didn’t know I’m that kind of girl. I better get an A. If not, I will tell everyone you are a shit eater!

pov, virtual toilet slave, panty, smelling, ass, tight asshole, poop, bratty schoolgirl, blackmail, dialogue,


Length:  7:45s 
Resolution: 1280x720
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The world is my toilet.



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