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Thinking of you while I shit into a bag


Was feeling kinda evil this morning….before I got undressed I could feel a big shit come on. Left my comfy house coat on, grabbed a see through ziploc baggie and decided to squat down and use it! As I was squatting I also had to pee so I got out my see through blue waste basket and took a pee first….which made way for a long big and extremely stinky shit.

It was such a release….it was like I was shitting YOU out of my system. Thought of delivering my bag of poop to your front steps just to show you what kind of loser you were but it stunk so bad I ended up putting it into a public garbage dump…..I’m sure some bottle picker will love the surprise!

This clip includes: Lots of descriptive verbal, close up, creative, getting revenge mindset, gagging, stink, smell, large, long, in clear bag, squatting, hot babe, sexy bubble butt, public, humiliation.


Length:  6:33s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 632 MB


Poop, Desperation (accidents), Diapers(ABDL), Efro(Sexy Poop), Enema, Farting, Panty Shitting, Nylon Shitting, Bikini Shitting, Constipation, Diarrhea, Grunting, Toilet Slavery/Humiliation(training you to eat & smell my shit), Accidental Smearing(not forced).

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