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Toilet Plumbing for My Throne


Well, my dear neighbor I have noticed your fascination with my feet… are you a foot slut? Because I’ve always wanted a good foot slut, they are so submissive and will do anything for their goddess. I’m glad you came over today. I’ve never had a foot slut before and I’m willing to take you on but you must be willing to do something for me.I walk over to my throne, it’s my portable toilet and I want you to be the plumbing that connects to my asshole whenever I want you to eat my shit. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to worship my perfect feet, I wiggle my toes in front of your face. I thought you’d like that deal foot-slut. Now ladies first and get on the ground and prepare to be fed your first meal. I rip the ass out of my pantyhose and tease you with my feet, now you will swallow everything I put down the toilet, I piss and shit into your open mouth. Forcing you to swallow, I like this new arrangement we have, next time I may fill you more and let you worship my feet. I have you where you belong beneath me.


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