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Toilet Slave For Your Teacher


I am sitting at my desk and you walk in with your final exam paper, I explain to you why you received an F on your paper and know about you failing many of your other classes. You say you would do anything to pass, I am very hesitant because I am not sure you can handle what I have planned for you. I make you a deal if you do everything I ask of you and not complain about it I will give you 10 A’s and talk with the other teachers on your grades in their classes as well. You agree and I pull out my measuring stick and explain what I do with it, I tell you to kneel before me and wait for whats going to happen. I move away from my desk and you see my sexy shiny boots, You have never seen me in class standing up teaching because of my deep dark fetish. I unbutton my sweater, and let down my hair what you see next is shocking a sexy amazing dominating goddess is standing in front of you, I pull down my skirt to reveal a shiny pair of purple shorts, I tease you with my ass explaining you will eat my shit and piss. You hate the idea but you hate the idea of failing more, so I squat over your mouth and piss inside. I then tell you the best part is next I let a nice solid turd into your mouth , pressing my measure stick against your face making you swallow and chew. Now I am very sorry to tell you this but this session has only given you one A you have 9 more to go, I will see you here tomorrow 10 am.

You get 2 choices of video resolution: 4k 3840 × 2160 & 1920 x 1080 hd


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File Size: 921 MB

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