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Training To Become My Personal Toilet


This training is intense and will involve me teaching you to eat your own shit and drink your own piss!

1. Filling to up two glasses of piss and shitting on a plate
2. Drinking piss: First a sip to get a taste, then chugging down a full glass.
3. Small piece of shit: Smelling it, maybe some light smearing, having to suck on it, chew it etc,
4. Liquid shit: To prepare the viewer for diarrhea, you instruct to mix a piece of shit and some piss in a glass to get a runny consistency, and then pour a mouthful.
5. Big shit: To prepare the viewer for big shits, you instruct him to stuff his mouth completely full with the remaining shit, using e.g. a dildo or a carrot to “pack it together” and make space for more.
6. Finally, you instruct the viewer to start chewing on his mouthful of shit, and at the same time reward him by instructing him to cum.

After you complete each and every task I give you a big reward and shit in your mouth !


Length:  16:39s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 991 MB

Enjoy over 600 videos that I’ve made all right here on ScatShop. :)  Have fun with me!


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