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Treating My Husband To My Shit Brownies


You have come home from a hard day at the office, and I welcome you home by pissing in a martini glass, It looks like you have had such a hard day, here’s a drink to take the edge off from the day. Now finish that up while I start dinner. You know, since it has obviously been such a hard day for you, I have decided to bake you one of your favorite desserts, my special shit brownies. I can see your mouth watering , I spread my butt cheeks and poop right onto a plate .I have decided to give you some for work tomorrow, I fill a container of my pee and take a chunk of my poop and seal them for you. I know just how good they make you feel. Then I start baking the poop brownies teasing you along the way , making your mouth drool for my poop, I put them in the oven and 20 minutes later I come back and pull them out and blow the fresh baked shit in your face.


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