Toilet Slave Training
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Toilet Slave Training


So you want to be my toilet slave? Well there are many factors to it, not as simple as you may think. Let’s start you off easy and work our way up so I’ll let you taste my pee I sit in my chair and fill up a bottle full. I dare you to smell it then taste it making you savor every drip. Ok well that was easy lets go a bit harder, my delicious poop brownies should have your cock hard with excitement smell it first breathe in my aroma now lick it , stuff it in your mouth and savor my flavor. I tease you with the brownie for awhile . Ok well now for the ultimate test my poop filled panties . I fill them and you can see what I ate last night corn pick them out with your teeth and count them I dare you. Smell them lick them and clean every inch with your tongue .





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