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The Ultimatum


I walk into my bedroom and see you there, What the hell are you doing in my house! Did you just breaking in? You are a dirty pervert for spying on me, watching me in the shower and dressing. You know what I do to dirty men like you, take a guess? This is what you wanted right, come here touch my ass, smell it. Can you guess yet, well I give them a choice of 3 things, the first is Castration yes I have my elastor right here and I love using this on men like you. Do you know what castration is, it’s when I take this rubber band and place it on the metal prongs and place it over you balls they will fall off soon after, you will have no sexual feelings, and you will never have an orgasm again. The second choice you can be my toilet slave and eat my shit, and the third choice is I could call the police and you can go to prison. So pick now I don’t have all day, You know what I will pick for you come here. I chain you up to my chair and explain your new position and what is expected of you from now on, I tell you to smell my butt hole and get used to the smell. Open up, I shit directly into you mouth making you swallow it I let you wash it down with my pee, but do not let you clean my ass. Now since I am a tricky bitch there is another catch, since you will be here for the next few months before you fade away I need to make sure I am safe, and not threaten by you, so I am going to castrate you anyway. Now don’t scream it will only hurt for a minute .

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