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Watch My Huge Pregnant Turds


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I am eating a fiber one cookie and they go right through me, as I am eating I tell you about another one of my dirty shit fantasies. I bend over and spread my cheeks and explode a huge amount of poop out !! I tell you how my butt hole feels after that massive dump and stick a pen in side and bounce it around with my reflexes, covering the pen for you to smell. I wipe my dirty swollen hole and let you examine it, pushing out some more that was left inside.


Length:  10:26s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 621 MB

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1 review for Watch My Huge Pregnant Turds

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    5 out of 5


    There’s some good, some bad, and some oh-my-f**king-gawd! The good performances nullify the bad visuals. And the OMFG segments carry this long video on a wave of heavenly occurrences. Pretty, round, yummy-pooping, white girl ass-showing dominates the running time and nothing else seems to matter (except the money shot). The extreme close-ups are so hypnotic, the experience is euphoric. The GIF above shows a plate of ample chocolate delight, inside the video the amount looks 1.5 larger. $13 bucks is a lot, but the serving size Alexa Poo offered in the video justifies it.
    Honestly some white girls do anal play boringly & uninteresting. The asshole play here isn’t mind-blowing, but its really cute & relaxing in a way.

    The OMFG moments make you forget about the 2 (maybe 3) slow moments.

    Verdict: The price fits the individual good & great contents because the great moments nearly run the length of the videos running time. I don’t mind giving fellas a review so they don’t buy a crappy video, but I’m very picky about using these 2 words: this is a MUST SEE video! Trust me, once she lifts that plate up for you to see her work, your head will explode, your cock will beg for jerking.

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