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Induced Lactation!


This is not a poo video! 🙂

I am beginning the process of inducing lactation! I’ve started taking Milk Thistle and pumping my breasts and nipples! I’ve started getting little drops of milk! I will not give up! Soon my tits will be filled with warm sweet milk!

Watch me pump my huge udders with a breast pump! You can see the nipple being pulled up inside the cup! It feels so good! Listen to me describe what it feels like and hear how excited I am about having giant milk bags!

Then I get my little nipples pumps! They suck my nipple so hard! It’s intense but I have to do it if I want big pretty milky tits!

I get a drop of milk out of my nipple! Yay!

Now what shall I do with it? What the video to find out!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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