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Spit out food for dog


Goddess is hungry, and craving a variety of different foods. I want to taste all of the foods that I am wanting to eat, but I do not want to swallow and eat all of my feast. I prepared blueberry bagel with grape jelly, two slice of leftover pepperoni pizza, hard boiled egg, and peach cobbler. Before feeding my dog, I take of my sneakers and put my sweaty barefeet in my dog’s face. Teasing my dog with my powerful scents he loves. I enjoy eating all of my food while chewing and spitting out each bite into the doggy bowl for my pet to enjoy the food I chewed and covered with my Goddess spit. Eat all that your Goddess gives you to eat!


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Resolution: 1920x1080
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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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