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The Giant Mama

The clothes you are going to have on are grey yoga leggings and a small white t-shirt that barely fits you showing your big giant belly.You are going to be barefoot.

The video starts with you waking up and feeling something in your giant ass.

”Ooo, my ass itches,” said you with a strain look on your face.

You first start investigating rubbing your giant ass and giant ass crack and feel a tiny soldier in it.

”The hell is this little thing? is this a toy? its too small, its probably an ant, yuck.”

You dropped the tiny soldier down and put a serious face before smashing him with your giant hand. You get up and go about your day when you soon see more tiny soldiers all over your room. The tiny soldiers start shooting and attack you. You get annoyed and put your hands on your hips and look down with a annoyed look on your face.

”Are you tiny ants serious? Do you not see how gigantic i am? Im a Giant!!!

You lift up your giant foot and slam it down on one of the tiny soldiers.

You squat down and lift your hands up like you are a giant godzilla and scare the tiny soldiers.

”Roarrrrrrr!!! Im Godzillaaa!!! hahahahaha!!

You laugh as you pluck one tiny soldier off the ground with your giant thumb and index finger, and bring him to your ginormous face. He starts talking crazy saying he will take you down and at first you roll your eyes and put a serious face before burping a giant burp in his tiny form.

”BURPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPVDRUSSDBUROOOOPPPPPP!!!!!!, Goodness i feel so GIANTT compare to ya!!” ”I wonder how you tiny things taste”

You start licking your giant lips and scare the tiny by lifting him up to your giant mouth and saying ”ahhhhhhh” like a little kid before eating him. Then you burp again after eating him.

The remaining tiny soldiers keep attacking you thinking they are hurting you. You just look down on them as the giant you are and put a michievious look on your face smiling. You let your pants drop first and then your panties drop down in front of them. They look up in horror as you squat down in and spread open your giant cheeks apart.

”uggggg, get readyy…uggg because this is going to be a catogory 5 hurricane approaching your horizon…..uggg fucc”

Right there, u release a humongous gigantic fart on the poor insignificant ants below your giant ass and then you release some giant logs of poop on them.

”Oo my godd that feltt good. Damn i love being a GIANT!!!!”

You get on your knees while looking down on the tiny soldiers lustfully licking your giant lips. You then start feeling horny and pick some up, and start rubbing them on your giant sexy pussy. You start getting wett from them and moan too.

”Ahhh oh yeaa fucc….im so giantt and hornyy, damn i wanna feel some in my butt. Come here you…you’re cleaning up giant mamas ass. I want you to clean every nook and crany in there…”

You get on your knees and arms, and stsrt rubbing a tiny soldier on your giant ass crack feeling more horny from it. You let out a couple farts on him.

The tiny soldiers continue attacking you, so you decide to destroy them.

”Roarrrr im fucking Gianttt. You are just ants to me. Feel the giant might of this giant mama!!”

You start stepping on the tiny soldiers and eating them. Then, you butt crush almost all of them and finally decide to poop on them again.

Thinking you are done, you put your giant panties back on and get up stamding feeling mighty and giant. Then you discover that one tiny soldier survived your giant wrath. He is still trying to take you down. You just simply pluck him from the ground, and pull open the elastic waistband from your giant panties and drop him
in there and let it close. Then you tap your giant panties for good measures before walking off saying:

”Mmmm man it feels good to be GIANTT!!”

The End? lol



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